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Nueva entrevista: Shakira para "Spotify"

Shakira's Whenever Wherever Attitude to Success
The World Cup is full of backstage secrets and Shakira talks about her most stressful moments in an exclusive Spotify Interview!

Every four years, the world comes together and places the spotlight on a different country leaving life-long marks and unforgettable experiences. Spectators are full of excitement and ready to enjoy one of the best events of their life. Meanwhile, the players, producers, artists and everything-backstage are under some of the most hectic pressure of their life. Every action is subject to boos and woos and Shakira has witnessed it all.

Performing 'Hips Don't Lie' in Germany 2006, 'Waka Waka' in South Africa 2010 and her new song 'La La La' for Brazil 2014, the World Cup is now a personal event for Shakira. In an exclusive Spotify Interview, the golden-haired Colombian goddess talks about some the most embarrasing and intimate secrets during many years of her World Cup performances.

Shakira! Shakira! You're such a gem. How was your first World Cup performance?

The World Cup is one of those rare global phenomena that has universal mass appeal, and over the past decade I have been fortunate enough to have a chance to perform at two of them, both unique and unforgettable experiences. The first was in 2006 in Berlin when I performed "Hips Don't Lie" with Wyclef. The atmosphere was charged with excitement, anticipation and drama, but I was having drama of my own. Held up by traffic and unable to make any headway on the way to the stadium, with two minutes to go 'til showtime and not yet at the door, I knew I had only one surefire way of getting there--so I ran. I opened that car door, jumped out in the middle of the street, and ran like mad, all the way to the stage! Looking back, I still can't believe how crazy it was, but all I have to say is... thank god for adrenaline and strong lungs.

What followed four years later in South Africa? What's so unique about Waka Waka?

My experience in 2010 was a longer process and the start of a new era in my life, though I didn't know it at the time. For that World Cup I had the official song, 'Waka Waka,' and in the months leading up to the actual event, I had already had such a positive experience, both with the viral success of the video and the support for the campaign around it, which we did in conjunction with 1Goal to advocate for children's education. I felt overwhelmed by the good fortune of it all by the time I performed at the opening ceremony, which was a spectacular experience. I also met my current partner Gerard while there, and now four years later, we not only have gotten together but have built a family together. For us, the World Cup will always be a special reminder of our story -- if it wasn't for that song, my baby wouldn't be here! The song Waka changed my life forever and so did that World Cup.

That's amazing! Then would you say everything was amazing and flawless in 2010?

Not everything went according to plan! Minutes before the closing ceremony in South Africa (although this time, thankfully, I was already on stage and didn't have to run anywhere to perform), we had monitor issues with the in-ears, and some of the performers/dancers couldn't hear the music or cues as a result. While they scrambled to fix them, I began to panic, wondering how everyone would be able to keep time with the music and thinking of nothing but the 700 million people watching if we made a mistake.

I then came to the realization that whether I liked it or not, the ceremony was going to go on, one way or another, technical difficulties or not. I took a deep breath, said a little prayer, and as the lights went on I decided I would just keep singing no matter what, not look back at what was happening behind me, and hope for the very best. The end of the story, you know as well as I do, the performance went off without a hitch, and when it was over, I said another little prayer of thanks to God for watching over me. I knew then that even God must be a football fan!

Thanks so much Shakira, we're sure your Brazil 2014 song will be full of surprises and will yet again create new experiences in your life!

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